There was a man who did not like Swami Raghavendra. He used to talk ill of him. One day guru Ragavendra invited that man for dinner. The man did not want to eat and therefore he gave an excuse through someone that he was sick and having a stomach problem. The great guru Ragavendra said so be it. That is all. That man had stomach problem for several years. I know a person x who used to take guidance from master y. That person x was very manipulative in nature. He will always complain and never tell about the success or growth or material gains he had got due to master y’s guidance. In fact if he had problem with his wife or want to get out of some situation he will use matser y’s name. X wife and her parents were very upset with master x without knowing there was some manipulation. One day for some strange reason master y went to x house and said to his wife “sorry. Maybe I must have hurt you”. Within few months, x’s life crashed. His job went for a toss and police were chasing him. His wife left him for another man. The reason is that the karmic buffer ran out.

I have seen whenever a person takes guidance from a live guru following will happen.

Tight situations will ease up.

There will be some easy flow of cash.

Circumstances and the environment will become favorable.

Contacts and links will fire up.

What will look like an impossible situation will become favorable.

People will become positive.

If the other person is grateful, thankful and truthful then there will be an evolution of energy.

Of course in some cases the mind will become perverted and manipulative. They will start to crash. What will look like a heady start or dream will end. Again one by one problems will arise. Situation will become unfavorable, the problems will crop up and links will become negative. No amount of pushing will make the event happen or situation to ease up.

I know one person who used to take guidance from me. He thought it was just a technique. He applied it and found some results. Slowly since he did not acknowledge and there was no personal energy, he became unfocused, lost interest in remedial measures and even refused to discuss with me. It is like Karna’s curse. In Mahabharata, Karna will try to manipulate his teacher. His teacher will curse that at the crucial moment of life what he had learnt may not be useful. In the same way spiritually when people try to manipulate their gurus or the people who guide them, they will get misguided. It is easy to get diamonds in Africa. But it is far more difficult to get a real live guru. Without realizing the valuableness, if one starts pretending or manipulative that one shall cursed by his own deed sooner or later

Let me end with the story of a man who worked in the Middle East. He was very nice till he was in India. When a lot of money started coming in, he became stingy, non-giving and even refused to pay my consultation charges with one pretext or the other. Slowly he did not have jobs. Secondly, when he got a job it was lower than the promised amount. When I told him that he has to give money to the people who made him happy, his mind was so perverted that he thought I was asking for money. Anyway, it is a long cycle before he realizes the value of giving and how giving will help anyone to grow bigger and stronger in any aspect of life.


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