There is a huge problem in present careers. Youngsters wanted to grow quickly, see places and make a big way. Combined with wit, these many people wanted to have fun, party and  extracurricular activity.  This calls for a tall order. Few are lucky to have everything.

Generally, a career has phases.

They are the seed phase, the seedling, the flowering and the fruit phase.

Seed phase – you work very hard, get qualified and get paid less. This is actually the establishing phase in a career. The returns are slow. It is the foundation phase of the career. Basically within 30 years.

Seedling phase– the building stage of the career. This is the phase where one builds experience, contacts and returns are little higher. Some people get bored in this phase. Some people start going into middle management. The lucky one moves into the higher managerial level. Age of 30 – 40 . some kind of achievement will be done.

The flowering phase- basically the age of 45- 55. many people move into the top management and where the work will be less and returns are more. Life is well settled. you will have a name in the game. Transitions  are over. If you have not reached some level then it would be very difficult to progress. This is the fastest period of growth. Money wise is probably the best phase of a career. Many people’s hard work can be used by us for your advantage.

The fruit phase- you leave a mark. Get noticed in the media. Became a legend or personality with many achievements. No one can shake you much. 55- 65  is the age. These days if you are talented you can reach this stage at an earlier age itself. 


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